Frameless 3.5 Men 1.0 Blue Blocking 2.5 1.5 2.0 Filter Reading Glasses 3.0 Light

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Blue light blocking lenses improve contrast, and enhance depth perception, reducing digital eye strains, eye fatigue, and headache, optimizing visual acuity clarity with fewer distractions and more viewing comfort, and helping fall asleep faster. Ideal for working, gaming, or browsing on PC, tablets, smart phones, TV or near office LED lights.


Lens Strength: +1.00,+1.50,+2.00,+2.50,+3.00,+3.50,+4.00

Color: Black / Brown

Temple Material: TR90

Frame Material: PC

Lenses Material: PC


Lens width: 52 mm 

Bridge width: 20 mm

Temple length: 143 mm 

Lens height: 30 mm 

Frame width: 138 mm

Package includes:

1*Reading Glasses